Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

We may change this Terms of Usage from time to time, and if we do we will provide notice on this Web site regarding any changes to this policy.

Please check back periodically!

This Terms of Usage regards usage of applications named “Auto Repair Shop- Tablet”, “Auto Repair Shop - Cell”, website https://autorepaircloud.com and website http://www.autorepaircloud.com here and after referring as ARC.com.

This Terms of Usage document is a binding legal agreement between you and ARC.com.

This agreement governs how your ARC.com account can be used and what services can be applicable to you. By using any of ARC.com applications, you are confirming your understanding of and agreement with these Terms of Usage.

For the purposes of this document, the term “Service” means the Internet platform that enables you to manage your repair shop, its personnel, customers, repairs, inventory and other with known limitations together with all software applications, proprietary or otherwise and any updates, derivatives, graphical, textual or other content.

The Service being provided on “AS IS” basis and comes with no warranties on accessibility, accuracy, reliability and delivery of the Service.

ARC.com hereby grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right and license to access and use the Service. The term of your License shall commence on the date that you create your account and will end if your account is terminated.

  1. ARC.com reserves the right to immediately terminate your license if you breach Terms of Usage of the Service.
  2. ARC.com prohibits reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling or preparing derivative works of the Service.
  3. ARC.com prohibits exploiting vulnerabilities or issues of the Service.
  4. ARC.com prohibits use the Service to display material that may be subject to copyright protection without the express consent of the copyright owner.
  5. ARC.com prohibits removing, obscuring or modifying any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices, marks or labels contained within the Service.
  6. ARC.com prohibits removing, obscuring or modifying any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices, marks or labels of 3rd-parties.
  7. ARC.com prohibits you from using any persons’ private information gathered by you or 3rd-parties without clear consent of that person.
  8. ARC.com prohibits you from using the Service if you are lesser than 16 years old.
  9. ARC.com prohibits you from using the Service to violate the law or any legally binding agreement.
  10. ARC.com prohibits you from distribution of computer viruses, spyware, or any other malicious code.
  11. ARC.com encourages you to use Service in any other legal way you have found suitable.
  12. ARC.com provides no warranty that the Service will be free of issues, or that any specific issue can or will be corrected.
  13. ARC.com provides no warranty that the Service is free from vulnerabilities, or that any specific vulnerability can or will be corrected.
  14. ARC.com may display advertisements for products and services offered by third parties, claims no warranty and can’t take any responsibility for the content of such advertisements or the availability, delivery, or performance of any product or service offered.
  15. ARC.com provides Service without any warranty and cannot be liable to you or any other party for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages.

This document shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the United States and the State of California. Any claim or dispute you may have against us, whether subject to mandatory arbitration or otherwise, must be brought in Contra Costa County, California except as otherwise agreed by the parties.

Copyright Policy

This Copyright Policy regards usage of applications named “Auto Repair Shop - Tablet”, “Auto Repair Shop - Cell”, “AutoRepair Shop Web application” here and after referring as ARC.com

AutoRepair Cloud

Attn: Copyright Officer

4125 Blackhawk Plaza Circle,

Danville, CA, USA

Phone #: +1 (408) 596-4835

Available: any day except Tuesday, Saturday and Wednesday after 2:00 pm PST

Please use this form to send a message to the Copyright Officer

We reserve the right to remove any information alleged to be infringing or violating the law without prior notice, at our sole discretion, and without liability to you, and/or to terminate your account if it is determined that you knowingly placed infringing content.

You agree to arbitrate all disputes and claims that arise out of or relate to your use of the Service. Therefore, you agree that, by using the Service, you are waiving the right to a trial by jury or to participate in any class action based on or involving claims brought in a purported representative capacity on behalf of the general public, other users, or other persons similarly situated. This agreement to arbitrate includes, but is not limited to, claims arising out of or relating to the Service or your use thereof, regardless of when they may arise.

These Terms of Usage and any document incorporated by reference herein constitute the entire agreement between you and us and govern your use of the Service, superseding any prior agreements between us.

Subscription Fees

  • Credit card holder’s account is automatically charged once-per-month and is set as recurring payments on monthly schedule.
  • Custom subscription in terms of rates and services may be offered to customers with multiple repair shops.
  • Rebates, Discounts, or other special offers and promotions only valid for initial term; subscriptions renew at the then current full subscription rates. (at the end of period)
  • AutorepairCloud may put on hold or terminate the subscription and these terms if it is unable to renew the subscription based on inaccurate or outdated credit card information.
  • The right of access granted under these Terms is effective only upon payment of the subscription fees.
  • AutorepairCloud may increase subscription fees for a subsequent subscription period for any reason at any time. However, AutorepairCloud will provide notice at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the day of expiration of the subscription.

Cancelling Account

  • Your membership will continue through the end of your current charge cycle.
  • You can cancel your subscription from your account profile page.
  • After you cancel your membership subscription, you will have access up to date you have paid.


  • If you decide to cancel your subscription you can get a full refund for the month of cancellation. You must email us with the request no more than thirty (30) days after your renewal date.